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Welcome to The Ridgecrest Group

The Ridgecrest Group works collaboratively with fortune 100 and 500 clients to uncover the most effective and efficient way to achieve their customer acquisition and retention needs.

Our Philosophy

Behind every successful company comes a unified, dedicated team. At the Ridgecrest Group, we prioritize our employees and our clients. By emphasizing employee advancement by continuous training and development, we hope to expand our client relations in numerous markets by providing opportunities for our internal teams. This safeguards our own growth by scaling our model internally.

Marketing Methods

At The Ridgecrest Group we provide overall brand awareness of the client through our professional teams. By using targeted strategies, we aid in the constant growth and development of our clients’ customer base. Bottom line, we’ve got the creativity and resources to create a lower cost of acquisition for our clients ensuring win/win scenarios. When our clients win, we win.

How We Work

We keep it simple; grow our client’s customer baseline by providing tailored marketing campaigns to local consumers and creating retentive customers through our account management strategies. The Ridgecrest Group is a start-up professional sales and marketing company dedicated to increase local new customer acquisition for nationally recognized companies.

Our Goals

Create as much opportunity to expand to different market areas while acquiring new clients. We believe in our team. Our goal as a company is to provide an environment that allows for creativity and individual growth. We want our team to have a purpose in their work daily and to continue to work towards our goal of national expansion. By providing internal growth patterns for our employees, we subsequently believe we can expand exponentially year over year. We also strive to provide a uniquely, cost-effective solution for our clients to create a dynamic new customer base in targeted, local markets. Essentially, we are putting a friendly face in front of their customers instead of online advertisements, a logo, or other indirect channels of marketing. This allows us to gain the customer’s perspective and understand how we can help them get what they want from our clients. We believe that every, individual customer matters and will go leaps and bounds to ensure our client’s brand is being represented just as they would want it.

Our Vision

At the Ridgecrest Group, we ensure our clients are receiving a full return on their investments. How? We don’t receive payment until our clients do. We are so confident in our business model of acquisition that we do not accept payment until our client’s goals have been reached. We prioritize our client’s needs before our own and realize that their growth is a direct reflection of our own growth. We create personal relationships with our customers and clients. We use direct marketing strategies to ensure we obtain retentive customers, maximizing our clients baseline for acquisition.

Opportunities at The Ridgecrest Group

We are actively seeking new talent and like-minded individuals to work with our clients and add to our team. If you are looking for a career opportunity, please send us a resume. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us by phone during business hours or by email. Our Human Resources team will be happy to assist in scheduling a time to meet the team!

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We create personal relationships with our customers and clients. We use direct marketing strategies to ensure we obtain retentive customers, maximizing our clients baseline for acquisition.

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